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We've Got You Covered

Make your vehicle the centrepiece of your campsite with the Foxwing Awning. Offering expandable coverage, one-person operation and tent-compatibility from every side, the Foxwing 270° and 180˚ Awning are instant shelters like no other.

Made from waterproof, fire-retardant and UPF50+ certified Ripstop polyester, the Foxwing 270° and 180˚ Awnings are designed to protect you from the elements. Removing the hassle from packing up, each arm folds away smoothly into a sleek rooftop mount, which doubles as a storage bag for your poles, pegs and ropes.


The unique and patented hinge system of the Foxwing 270° Awning allows for one person to easily setup the awning. Simply undo the straps and walk out the awning. Once extended, telescopic poles can be easily added to each corner.


Each side of an extended Foxwing 270° Awning has integrated zips for Foxwing 270° accessories. Find your optimal Foxwing 270° setup by experimenting with different combinations of the many accessories available. While Awning Extensions can enclose or extend the shade under your awning, the Foxwing Tagalong Tent will add a separate room. With an RV Awning Connector, you can even connect your OZTENT RV!


The Foxwing 270° Awning is one of the largest awnings available, giving you 11 square metres of usable space with 270 degrees of coverage. Add a few Awning Extensions and you have a private space for cooking, sitting and even setting your swag under.

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