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We honour our Founder…

We honour our Founder…

It is with sad hearts that we honour and thank Joe Viglione, Oztent’s inventor and founder.

Over 50 years ago, Joe and his wife Cath went camping and after a 3 hour painstaking experience trying to set up a tent, thought there has to be a better way. Joe had a dream of a 30 Second Tent, woke up at 3am, wrote it down and went about inventing it.

Joe’s passion, vision and entrepreneurial spirit set him on a journey of creating the Oztent 30 Second Tent, also dubbed by Joe, “the Marriage Saver”. And after 66 years of marriage to his amazing wife Cath, it’s proof it worked. Joe’s approach to business was all about networking, relationships and doing the right thing by people. Not to forget, making sure people remembered him with his cheeky smile and quick wit.

Joe’s baby, which is now known as the Oztent 30 Second Tent went on to win various international design awards, including one award that Joe was very fond of – A Silver Medal at the prestigious world-wide Inventor’s Exhibition at Geneva, Switzerland.

As the years went on, Joe’s determination for success has now seen Oztent products available globally throughout North America, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom and South Africa to mention a few. Numerous people around the world are now enjoying simple, quick and easy camping due to one man’s determination to make camping better.

We would also like to thank Joe’s wife Cath and acknowledge her for her continued support and love shown for her husband Joe. Without the support and love from Joe’s sacrificing wife, we may all still be spending way too long setting up our campsite when we should be sitting back relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors.  

Joe is survived by his wife, his children, his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Joe Viglione, we will miss you, we thank you and we honour you…


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